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At Dearborn Steel Express all cargo and freight is properly secured and loaded for transportation according to customer specifications and requirements, in addition to those required by the FMCSA.

Our goal at Dearborn Steel Express is to exceed your expectations.

All of our experienced drivers at Dearborn Steel Express will secure your cargo and deliver it on time and worry free.  Our core expertise is transporting ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all shapes and sizes, various base metals, as well as building materials such as steel support structures, solar panel supports and steel pipes.

Whether your heavy haul needs are the shipment of Storage Pods, railroad tracks, slabs of granite or a miniature golf course, there is nothing our drivers have not and cannot safely haul.

The fleet at ‘Express’ is equipped with trailers ranging from two axles to eight axles, allowing us to take maximum advantage of local laws for heavy haul trucking in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Ontario, Canada.  All of our trailers will protect your freight from the elements through sliding tarp or side-kit systems.

Though our primary flatbed trucking service area includes the Great Lakes Region (including Ontario), we also utilize our equipment outside this area. Additionally, Dearborn Steel Express has select, well vetted partner carriers with solid safety and financial records to help our customers with their over-the-road (OTR) truck needs across the United States.

Our fleet contains multiples of a wide selection of aluminum trailers to transport your cargo and freight:
  • B-Trains
  • Canadian SPIFs
  • 2 axels
  • 3 axles
  • 4 axles
  • 6 axles
  • 8 axles
Trailers are available in an array of lengths to suit all manner of heavy haul transportation needs:
  • 45’,
  • 48’
  • 50’ trailers

All of our trailers are equipped with sliding tarp systems or side kids to protect your cargo and freight.

The equipment at Dearborn Steel Express is capable of legally transporting divisible freight up to 110,000 lbs in Michigan.  It is also registered to haul as much as 160,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) in Michigan and 80,000 lbs in other states prior to needing a permit in several neighboring states.

Our team will meet all of your heavy haul needs.


Dearborn Steel Express